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Companies I have been employed at full time and what I did there.

Unity SDK Lead (At Plakc - The Zero Games Pvt. Ltd.)

At Firexit Software
Things me and my team worked on while I was running my studio

XPro Rally

Blockalypse Now

Speed Street: Tokyo

Speed Street 2 : Ignition (Shelved)

Circle Pong : Play2Win

King's Orders


FireRewards (Working Title)

New Morning

For Clients
Things I have worked on for my clients.

Encadenor (For Mathew Galindo)

Optimized VR Video Streaming (For Cornelius Hellge, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin)

Real Time Scene Generation in WebGL (For AllSeated, Inc)

Entangled (For Luis Enrique Zela-Koort)

Project Kahaani (For Luis Enrique Zela-Koort)

Speech To Text Library (For PlusOne, Inc)

Virtual Art Gallery (For Easton Art Gallery)

VR Visualizer (For Juspay Technologies)

Training Simulators (For Murphy Bevelacqua Consultants)

Training Simulators (For Skillbee)

VR for Psychology Research (For Jan Crusius)

The Voice inspired theatre (For Sean Wu)

Post Apocalyptic World (For Kevin Chachagua)

Schiophobia (For John Krawczyk)

Military Training Environment (For Invidious Studios)

Art Oursourcing contractor (For Vasco Games)

Consultant for Prototype Development and Code Quality (For Games2Win India)

Consultant for Product Development and Code Quality (For undisclosed startup)

Open Source
Some of the more significant open source projects I have worked on.










There's more but they are either undisclosable, incomplete, similar or trivial. Please contact me if you want to know something in particular.