Vatsal Ambastha

Game Development

Virtual Reality

Unity Specialist

Consultant & Contractor

Open Source


Vatsal Ambastha

Game Development

Virtual Reality

Unity Specialist

Consultant & Contractor

Open Source



I'm Vatsal. I make games, simulators, art, apps, utilities and more using the Unity engine.

See my Github for my open source work.
For some visuals, check out my Behance.
A full list of my work till date is under the 'Projects' tab.
My LinkedIn generated CV is here.

Over the years I've run my game studio, created adtech & monetization products, worked as a freelance consultant & contractor among other things.

I have created software for over a dozen different industries ranging from military to arts & humanities. From video streaming R&D to Cyanide crisis training simulators.

I've been working using Unity since 2011. My open source features popular Unity repositories for physics, AI, networking, audio/video, utilities.

In constant, practical pursuit of software craftsmanship.

2016 - Present

I work with teams looking to leverage Unity for games and beyond.

Working extensively on non-game applications in industries such as blockchain, military, R&D, entertainment, tourism, psychology, arts and humanities, edtech, training, fashion, eCommerce and more.

2019 - Present
Digibeings Media

Digibeings is an early stage startup making AI powered virtual humans. I describe it as 'a programmable, customzable Siri with a virtual body'.

2016 - 2017
Unity Lead
The Zero Games (PLAKC)

PLAKC was a dynamic in-game advertising tech. I handled all things related to the SDK and integrations. Our technology was used in some of the largest movie and sports IP based games in India.

2013 - 2016
Firexit Software

A game development studio started in Manipal. We developed games that reached over 5 million users on Android and Web. We handled work outsourced from larger studios.

Pivoted to analytics and monetization tools in 2015, which was my segue to PLAKC when the studio was shut later that year.

2011 - 2013
Indie Game Dev

My earliest years in commercial game development. Unity WebPlayer was very popular and Android was yet to make a dent in the universe.

I made XPro Rally and a few of its variants that did about a million hits. Got some sponsorship deals. Ported XPro Rally to Android in 2013 which got 10k+ downloads daily for some weeks.

My hobby started to transition into a profession during this phase.

2012 - 2016
MIT - Manipal University

B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)

Much of my time went into running my game studio Firexit Software. I was active in the student entrepreneurship and programming community, often invited to speak at or hold related events.

I interned at an early stage startup named 135 TechLabs working on a product called Hangoutt that rewarded game players with eCommerce coupons. My experience here set me on the path to work in the monetization and adtech space later on.

An almost exhaustive list of my projects in the form of a boring (and admittedly not very readable) list.

I haven't added some archived stuff... Entries mark the start of the project. Dates grouped by calender years.












Get in Touch

For simplicity, I have abandoned about half a dozen email addresses of mine that may still be scattered on the internet. I now check them rarely or on accident.

I also don't answer most calls from unknown numbers, and none from Delhi and Rajasthan because almost all of them have been spam for many years now.

Email is highly preferred. Please contact me at